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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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In a Sikh Indian wedding, the wedding ambiance is set a week before the wedding. There are various rituals, which are followed before and after the wedding. We at The Raj Palace have got an experience of conducting 100 such weddings in last 10 years starting from a mid size wedding to very upscale weddings. Below are few functions which need to be organized to have any Sikh Wedding to conduct in a proper way.

We can plan the following events in 2, 3 or 4 days depending upon the clients requirements. Below itinerary is planned for a three day event.

» Day 1: Pre Wedding Celebrations

Shagun/ Engagement: Shagun or engagement is the first ceremony to mark the beginning of the wedding celebration. On this occasion the two families exchange gifts to conform the engagement. Among the pre wedding rituals engagement is the occasion where both the families meet and the bride's father takes care of all the ceremonial activities on this day.

Tilak and Choora Ceremony: Various auspicious items are required on this day that includes coconut, dry dates, sugar and money and these are sent to the groom's family. It is also called the Tilak ceremony, which is performed by a bhaiji or preacher from the Gurudwara who first reads the hymn, offers a date to the groom and applies tilak on his forehead, marking the engagement. After the tilak ceremony, the groom's father sends gifts of clothes, sugar, coconut, rice, jewelry and henna to the bride. Similarly the bride's father also offers gifts to the groom and his family members. Another important pre wedding ritual involves the bangle ceremony or the choora ceremony, which is held at the bride's place where the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride put white and red bangles on the bride's wrists. Light ornaments of beaten silver and gold called kalira are tied to the bangles.

Maiya, Gana and Vatna: Maiya is a pre wedding Sikh custom followed by the bride and the groom where both are not allowed to leave their house for few days before the wedding. Gana is another such ritual where an auspicious red thread is tied to the right wrist of the groom and the left wrist of the bride. It is regarded as a good omen for the bride and the groom and it protects them from ill omen. Vatna is a ritual celebrated a few days before the wedding ceremony where vatna a scented powder consisting of barley flour, turmeric and mustard oil is applied to their bodies to be followed by a ritual bath.

Mehandi Ceremony at Maharani Bagh of The Raj Palace: On the eve of the wedding, Mehandi ceremony is celebrated when henna is applied on the hands and feet of the bride. Gharoli is another such pre wedding ritual, which is celebrated in the morning of the wedding day at groom's place in which the groom's sister-in law accompanied by other female relatives go to a nearby well or Gurudwara to fill an earthen pitcher or Gharoli with water which is later used to bath the bridegroom.

» Day 2 : Wedding Rituals

Milni and Sehra Bhandi : The main day wedding ritual or ceremony includes Milni ceremony, which is celebrated at the groom's place where his sisters tie a sehra or floral veil to the boy's forehead and a garland of currency notes adorn his neck. On reaching the bride's house the Milni ceremony is held with the elders of both families embracing and wishing each other. Shabads are sung and the ardaas recited as the procession enters the Gurudwara breakfast is served to the guests.

Wedding at Charbagh Gardens of The Raj Palace: On the main wedding function the bride and the groom sit together to attend the Guru Granth Sahib Kirtan. The groom drapes a Chunni draped by the bride's father one end held by groom, which is usually red, pink and orange in color around his neck, the other end of which is held by the bride throughout the ceremony. The bhaiji of the Gurudwara recites the hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib, which are then sung and the bride and groom circle the Guru Granth Sahib. The bridegroom walks ahead of the bride with a sword in his hand. Relatives and friends garland the newly wedded couple.

Reception at The Raj Palace: The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan the wedding reception followed by cocktails and Gala Dinner. Please contact our wedding managers for the same. Email us at

» Day 3: Post Wedding Celebrations

Vidai/ Doli Ceremony: Among the post wedding rituals the vidaai or doli ceremony marks the end of the wedding celebration. It is a very emotional affair for the bride's family as she departs from her parent's house she throws back handful of rice over her shoulder, thereby wishing prosperity for her parents and family she leaves behind to start a new life with new dreams and aspirations.

For further details please get in touch with our Wedding planners to get more information related to venues, Food and beverage related services, decorations and other details
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