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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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Parsi Indian wedding has customs and traditions alike other communities, Parsi wedding traditions are spread over a couple of days. In Parsi Indian wedding the wedding celebration is divided into three parts pre wedding rituals, wedding day rituals and post wedding rituals. There are various rituals, which are followed before and after the wedding.

We can plan the following events in 2 or 3 days depending upon the client's requirements. Below itinerary is planned for a three day event

» Day 1: Pre Wedding Celebrations

Madhavsaro: Among the pre wedding rituals or customs we have Madhavsaro, which is celebrated four days before the lagan, the families of the bride and groom each plant a young tree in a pot, amidst recitation of prayers by the family priest, and place this at the entrance of their homes. This is generally a mango plant and is treated as a symbol of fertility. The plant is watered every morning till the eighth day after the wedding and then transplanted elsewhere.

Adarni: Adarni is the third day before the lagan, and it is celebrated as a day for gift exchanging. On this day the groom's family visits the bride's home to present her with all kinds of gifts like clothes, jewelry, etc. This is ritual of gifting the bride is known as Adarni. The relatives, neighbors and friends are invited for a traditional meal of sev and dahi, boiled eggs and bananas. The day before the wedding is called Supra nu Murat it is more like the Mehandi and haldi ceremony of the Hindus. In this ritual four married women are given a supra each, containing paan, supari, haldi, dates and a piece of coconut. While singing traditional songs, these suprai's are exchanged seven times among the women cross-wise, length-wise and breadth-wise. A fifth lady sits in the middle with a khalbatto and dry turmeric. Then a paste of it is applied by all to the groom and bride along with a showering of blessings.

Sangeet Sandhya: This ceremony shows the joy and happiness of the relatives of the bride and the groom and the feelings become so high that they show their feelings by singing and dancing. We suggest our Poolside Lawns (Maharani Bagh) as the perfect location for this function and we made a special layout of Gadda, Masand Seating for the guest with colorful theme for this ceremony with big Dance floor and a reception Stage for Bride and Groom

» Day 2: Wedding Day Rituals

Nahan: It is the day of the lagan, on this day the staircase, doorway and gate is decorated with beautiful decorative designs of rangoli. According to the Zoroastrians the time immediately after sunset or very early in the morning is considered auspicious for marriage. For the marriage ceremony the bride dresses in her madhavate the white, ornate wedding saree given by her parents, while the groom wears the traditional Parsi dagli and feta a white kurta like garment and a black cap.

Achumichu : The Parsi lagan is called Achumichu, which takes place either at a baug or at an agiary (the fire temple). A stage is build up for the couple and before they step on it, the groom first, a ritual called achumichu is performed. The bride's mother takes a tray with a raw egg, supari, rice, coconut, dates and water and begins the ceremony with her son-in-law to be. In Ara antar ceremony the couple is made to sit facing each other with a cloth held between them, so they cannot see the other. Among the other main day rituals are Chero bandhvanu, Haath borvanu, etc.

» Day 3: Post Wedding Rituals

Wedding Reception: In the post-wedding rituals the reception is held in a grand manner with varied menu of food, drink and music. The party is a whole night affair where all the guests have a lovely time. The menu mainly comprises of traditional Parsi dishes like Parsi bhonu like sarya (crisps), achaar - rotli (pickle and rotis), patra ni macchi (steamed fish), salli margi (chicken with potato crisps), lagan nu custard, pulao-dal and ice cream. The wedding ceremony ends with the couple being accompanied home by the bride's family and the achumichu being performed once again by the groom's mother for the well being of the couple.

Reception at the Raj Palace: The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan the wedding reception followed by cocktails and Gala Dinner.

For further details please get in touch with our Wedding planners to get more information related to venues, Food and beverage related services, decorations and other details

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