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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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In a Marwari Indian wedding rituals are very intricate. There are various rituals, which are followed before and after the wedding. We at The Raj Palace have got an experience of conducting 70 such weddings in last 10 years starting from a mid size wedding to very upscale weddings of families like Jhujhunwala's , Jhanvar's , Dalmiya's, Birla's and so on...
We can plan the following events in 3 or 4 days depending upon the client's requirements. Below itinerary is planned for a Four day event. The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan various events including the wedding reception.

Please contact our wedding managers for the same. Email us at

» Day 1: Sagai and Mehandi

Sagai Samaroh : In Hindu Wedding Sagai (Engagement) is a very important ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange their rings, which means that now both of them are connected with each other and cannot leave each other. We do this Samaroh (Ceremony) on Central Square with Flower Decoration and Fireworks to make the whole ceremony an extraordinary event.

Mehandi Raat: This ceremony is done in the night time when the henna artist applies Mehandi (Henna ) on the hands of both Bride and the Groom which in Hindu Dharma is a very auspicious ceremony .We decorate special Jhoola for this with Silver Chair on all sides The Groom and the Bride sits on the Jhoola and the Henna artists on Silver Chair to apply Mehandi.

» Day 2 : Pre Wedding Celebrations

Sangeet Sandhya: This ceremony shows the joy and happiness of the relatives of the bride and the groom and the feelings become so high that they show their feelings by singing and dancing. We suggest our Poolside Lawns (Maharani Bagh) as the perfect location for this function and we made a special layout of Gadda, Masand Seating for the guest with colorful theme for this ceremony with big Dance Stage and One Reception Stage for Bride and Groom The entertainment parties are a very important part in this.

» Day 3 : Wedding Rituals

Baraat: Now the next day will be the day of actual wedding ceremony. We suggest special Lawazama of Elephants, Camels, Horses, Men with Mashal , Men with Bhala and Oil torches with Folk Dance Party will make the whole wedding procession a event and the Baraatis will enjoy dancing with the music and sound of Indian Wedding Brass Band. This Baraat shows the richness and prosperity of groom's side and people assume that the Baraat will be of some King / Maharaja of any dynasty. The bride's family feels proud of it.

: When the groom with his Baraat reaches to brides place, they are welcomed by showers of rose petals and each guest is individually greeted with Aarti, Tikka and Milni Malas of Jasmine and Mogra, sprays and showers of rose petal. They all come inside. We suggest Royal Chatter and Chanvar of the Groom and Red Chunni /Stroll covering for the bride along with her friends for this ceremony and they have to meet each other at Central Square to exchange fresh Flowers Garlands with fireworks from all sides.

Ashwahrohan: An interesting ceremony in which the bride steps out her foot and places it over a grinding stone. This epitomizes that she will face all the challenges in marriage with courage. Next, her brother's place puffed rice on her hand which she places on the groom's hand. This kheel is then offered into the holy fire of the Havan kund.

Vamang sthapan
: A romantic ritual in which the groom asks the bride to take seat at his left side since his heart is at the left side. This ceremony clearly signifies that the groom has accepted her lovingly.

Pannigrahan and Pheras:
After Varmala the couple will go to the Mandap specially decorated with flowers for the auspicious and most important ceremony in Hindu Wedding The groom holds the hand of the bride and the couple will take 7 Rounds of the fire and will take wedding vows to make their wedding legally and morally complete.

Sindoor Daan:
The groom fills in Sindoor in the hair partition of the bride. By this she is declared married

Reception at The Raj Palace: The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan the wedding reception.

Pehrawni / Doli Vidaai: This is the last ceremony and most fascinating Marwari ritual In which the groom is escorted by women relatives of the bride and the he is supposed to recite poetry. Next, the bride touches the entrance of her paternal house seeking blessings and breaks an earthen lamp. They both are then escorted to leave.

Farewell Brunch:
We can plan a very special farewell brunch in one of our courtyards just before vidaai so that people can have a lavish buffet and then they can proceed for their next destinations.

For further details please get in touch with our Wedding planners to get more information related to venues, Food and beverage related services, decorations and other details

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