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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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Gujarati culture is very rich and is deeply rooted in customs and traditions. Gujaratis are very lively people and celebrate their festivities and other special occasions with magnificent splendor and gaiety. It is reflected in their festival celebrations of Navaratri also that consists of holding of Dandiya or Garba Raas nights, in which people, dressed in vibrant color ethnic clothing, perform folk dances. When it is the time for ringing of wedding bells, Gujaratis go in for all the customs and traditions that form an integral part of traditional Gujarati marriage rituals.

Gujarati Indian wedding ceremony begins with offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and seeking his divine blessings. Like any other traditional Indian wedding, Mehandi and Sangeet Mehfil follow it.

We can plan the following events in 2, 3 or 4 days depending upon the clients requirements. Below itinerary is planned for a three day event

» Day 1: Pre Wedding Celebrations

Mandap Mahurat Ceremony: Mandap Mahurat ceremony is performed by the families of bride and groom in their respective houses. Prayers are offered to Lord Ganesha, who is believed to remove all obstacles. A puja is done by an acharya or priest to seek the blessings of God for the couple. Usually, this ceremony is carried out a couple of days before the wedding.

Graha Shanti Puja: After having matched the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom, a puja or prayer is held. It is called Griha Shanti puja, which is done by the priest. A Mahurat or auspicious time is chosen for the conduct of the prayer. All the family members and relatives participate in this auspicious ritual. It is an important puja, which is performed at the bride as well as groom's house.

Jaan Gujarati Wedding Ritual: Jaan Gujarati wedding ritual is performed to ward off the evil eye. It is an interesting ritual, in which the groom arrives at the bride's house, where he is given a warm welcome. The groom bows his head to seek his mother-in-law's blessings. While, he does so, the bride's mother tries to clutch his nose. But the boy tries his level best to avoid it.

Garba Raas: This ceremony shows the joy and happiness of the relatives of the bride and the groom and the feelings become so high that they show their feelings by singing and dancing. We suggest our Poolside Lawns (Maharani Bagh) as the perfect location for this function and we made a special layout of Gadda, Masand Seating for the guest with colorful theme for this ceremony with big Dance Floor and Reception Stage for Bride and Groom

» Day 2 : Wedding Rituals

Jaimala & Madhuparka: Jaimala involves the exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom twice. First time, the groom is on a higher platform than the bride, while, the second time, they are at an equal level. In the Madhuparka ceremony, groom's feet are washed. Also, he is given honey and milk to drink. While this ceremony is going on, the bride's sisters try to steal the groom's shoes, known as 'Juta Churai'.

Kanya Daan & Hasta Milap: One of the most important wedding rituals is Kanya daan. It is a ceremony, in which the bride's father washes the groom's feet and gives his daughter's hand to him in the hope that he will take good care of her. The bride is considered to be a form of Goddess Laxmi and the bridegroom is considered to be Lord Narayana. Kanya daan is performed in front of the sacred fire, facilitating the pious union of the boy and girl. Hasta Milap ceremony has a lot of significance. It involves the tying of the groom's scarf or shawl to the bride's sari. The tying of knot and the joined hands of the couple are symbolic of the meeting of two hearts and souls. The acharya or the priest chants mantras and seeks the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Parvati for the couple. The family and relatives witness the conduct of the ceremony and come forward to bless the bride and groom. They sprinkle rose petals and rice grains on them.

Mangal Pheras & Saptapadi: Pheras are rounds that the couple takes around the sacred fire, as the priest chants mantras. It also involves the reciting of mantras by the groom that expresses his genuine and heartiest desire to seek his wife's loving support. In Gujarati marriage, there are four mangal Pheras, which represent "Dharma", "Artha", "Kama" and "Moksha". Saptapadi are the seven steps that the wedded couple walks together and takes seven vows. Thereafter, the couple seeks the blessings of their parents and other elders.

Gujarati Reception at Charbagh of The Raj Palace: It is an occasion of merriment, when all the near and dear ones come to bless the newly wedded couple and give them gifts. The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan the wedding reception followed by cocktails and Gala Dinner.

Please contact our wedding managers for the same. Email us at

» Day 3: Post Wedding Celebrations
Vidaai Ceremony: In the Vidaai ceremony, the bride, with tears rolling out of her eyes, bids goodbye to her parents, friends and relatives. She boards a specially decorated car along with her newly wedded husband. Then, both of them move towards their home, with a new life awaiting them.

Ghar Ni Laxmi & Aeki Beki: The bride is considered to be Ghar Ni Laxmi, a form of Goddess Laxmi, who brings wealth and good luck. At the entrance of the house, a vessel filled with rice is placed. The bride is asked to knock down the vessel with her right foot, spilling some rice. Thereafter, the bride and groom are seated and arrangements are made for the playing of Aeki Beki. To play this game, a vessel is filled with water, which is colored, by putting sindoor and milk in it. After that, a ring and several coins are put into it. The bride and groom are then asked to find the ring. Whoever finds the ring 4 out of 7 times, will rule the household.

Farewell Brunch: We can plan a very special farewell brunch in one of our courtyards just before vidaai so that people can have a lavish buffet and then they can proceed for their next destinations

For further details please get in touch with our Wedding planners to get more information related to venues, Food and beverage related services, decorations and other details

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