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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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Our wedding FAQ's will answer many commonly asked questions about planning your wedding virtually and physically. If you've read our FAQ's, and still feel you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Why should I choose Jaipur for wedding?
Jaipur has been a popular place for wedding and social gatherings due to its Location as it is in the midst of the Golden Triangle ( Delhi, Jaipur and Agra )
The place has a rich heritage and culture famous for its beautiful Old city palaces and forts. Shopping and site seeing is unique and attractive here because the traditional art of Jewellery, costumes, locations etc have a variety. The city is an experience for every guest visiting the function . Also Jaipur is Value for money location as one can hold weddings in true palace at a nominal cost as compared to setting up a set and backdrop at other places.

2. Why should I choose the Raj Palace ?
We are one of the pioneers who started the concept of Palace weddings in India since 1997 and our vast experience puts you in safe hand for success of your event.
We are the oldest Palace of Jaipur and the world's leading heritage hotel ( World travel awards ) hence the address is a status symbol of endorsing your quality consciousness . Also due to a large selection of venues and a very small room inventory you practically have the whole palace to your disposal giving you the freedom from stress of managing things in a artificial environment as you have the whole team of trained staff at your exclusive disposal and commitment.
. One of the major reasons to choose the Raj Palace is its location as we are in the middle of all the shopping and site seeing which gives a ease for the guest.
The major advantage is you get the best hotel in terms of luxury and quality at The Raj Palace as we are a member of SLH which is the No. 1 luxury brand in the world since last three years beating the Ritz Carlton and we have the experience of serving the Rich and famous of the world on a regular basis therefore you can put guest of any profile with us.

3. Where will my other guest stay as Raj Palace has very few rooms?
There is a general trend of weddings that we host the nearby hotels are booked by the client also we can assist in this and a transport arrangement is made so that the guest can shuttle when ever needed.

4. How do we give variety of venue to our guest ?
The Raj Palace has many venues in the complex and hence the different functions can he held in different locations within the palace also there are other venues at other location where functions can be managed by our team.

5. Is there sufficient Parking space?
We have a space to accommodate around more then 200 vehicles around our palace.

6. Are we safe here?
The Raj Palace is a Palace with fortified walls and gateways hence the possibility of intrusion is lowest also if you have hired the whole palace then there is no risk of any third person disturbing you or risking your valuables.

7. Can The Raj Palace handle everything from A-Z or we have to make our arrangements for everything?
You can have the service of our event planners that will move through us and they can handle A-Z under control of our team but you are free to make your own arrangements and our team can cooperate where necessary.

8. How large a gathering is possible at The Raj Palace ?
For a exceptional quality function anything below 600 guest at one time or else two venue have to be clubbed for gathering between 600 to800 guest

9. Until what time can I play the music?
Outside Venue would restrict it to 10:00 Clock by Law if the sound is above 70 decibels

10. Can I hire a Bridal and Groom Dress?
There are many different places in Jaipur where you can rent the dresses both for the bride and groom and you can save lot of money in putting the same into these heavy dresses which normally people do not use it for second time

11. Does The Raj Palace allow outside catering , decorators , our own food etc.?
We are very concerned about quality and reputation and any guest coming to The Raj Palace actually does not know that there are outside agencies involved they always assume that the hotel has provided everything and hence if there is a low quality vendor it guest us bad guest comments for no mistake of ours hence any outside vendor has to be approved by our quality control team this is in the benefit of the host also.

12. How can I budget my wedding?
We have always advised our clients to first draw a budget and then plan the function as this helps to avoid any over the board expenses that create problem at a latter stage and also this saves the time of planners as they work in that boundaries also saving their time also.

13. Can the hotel plan everything for us right from our arrival to departure and we can save the money and time spent with event planners?
Yes we have a very experienced team that can assist and guide you at every step our event management software can actually take care of zero defect result.

14. Why should I choose a wedding theme?
This will help you to picture perfect the wedding and set definition to creativity that is wild and boundary less if left untied

15. How can I relieve wedding planning stress?
Leave it on us

16. What should I do when planning my wedding?
First and foremost make the guest list , then book accommodation and venue rest everything falls later.

17. What should I bring to my wedding for emergencies?
Generally high profile weddings have emergency kit placed in every guest room

18. Where can I get wedding song ideas?
Our old data base and resource library is the best for this once you have booked with us you will be helped on this

19. What kind of bar/alcohol options do we have?
Generally the guest book their requirement with us from our menu and we take care of everything the pricing can be per peg or per bottle basis based on the requirement we maintain a very exhaustive Wine and drinks list with our Bar

20. What kind of transportation should I use for my wedding?
We have our own fleet of New Honda CRV cars but for a bigger need you can book Air-conditioned busses and cars through our travel desk.

21. How do I make a wedding program?
Every religion and cultures have their own wedding rituals and traditions hence you should plan with your family and make this clear when you book your function prospectus with us.

22. How do I do wedding event planning?
We have software for this which makes things very professional and simple

23. Which is the most difficult part of planning a wedding or function?
When you Try to do a professional work yourself without having experience , actually planning a function and executing it to a true reality is a skilled task and needs a very clear communication in terms of the planners and executors hence most of the functions fail where the planner did not specify his vision for the executors hence it is always advisable to be clear in defining your needs and cross checking as to what you wanted is clearly understood so that there is no last minute confusion at the time of execution as it is very easy to appreciate or dislike a art but very difficult to make a good art and we feel every function is a piece of living art.

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Home Explore Raj Palace Wedding & Social Celebrations Bookings Accommodation Honeymoon Suites